Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Resurrection" in Hong Kong

Most of you might now we are in Hong Kong at the moment, but dont think I have sent an update since we got here so this is it.
Its been just about 2 weeks and the title of this blog pretty much sums it up for me - RESURRECTION. I will fill you in on some of the developments from these last few days (or actually today). We arrived with nothing but our clothes and our last salary from China with no jobs and no real clue whats going to happen. All we knew was God told us to go and so we did. We have been staying with new friends for these 2 weeks which has been great. The guys from church are all super generous and helpful since most of them have done something similar to us (just left everything arrived with nothing) so they know how it feels and all try help where they can. We have been given heaps of contacts for work so we had been trying to setup interviews etc.
(PS - Janna just informed me of a blog mix up, so the previous mail you received was not mine, but her's, so dont be confused!!)
The basics in Hong Kong are you need at least a degree to get a visa so the agency's we have been in touch with weren't super positive but one specifically said its still possible, just not easy (neither of us have one). Also, we arrived after the new term started so it wasn't looking so good for us. Janna got an interview today for a full time position which in itself was quite huge and it turned out to be an overly fancy kindergarten as well with all the latest gadgets and things. They loved her and offered her the job on the spot! They can only employ her though subject to her getting the work visa. Our agency will therefore apply this week and now they can also add a letter of employment from this (apparently one of the top schools in Hong Kong) school with the application which will add some serious weight. When she gets her visa I can simply get a dependant visa no problem and be able to apply way more easily for full time work myself.
Up until today we were still quite unsure of our future here so today has been very big for us! We are fully trusting for this visa to come through against all odds. Most people have said we will have to do the 'visa run' out of Hong Kong at least a few months since we will have to wait quite some time before we get full time work and then the visa, so as far as Hong Kong stats go, we are already way ahead of the norm, but were on another level anyways :)
The visa process takes 4-6 weeks but were hoping its quite quick but will have to wait. Its not 100% definite by a long shot but were just going to claim it in the spirit by faith until otherwise.
As far as church etc goes, we have really felt such a new release of life, passion and a sense of destiny with these guys. Have only been here for 2 services, one prayer meeting and one mens get together tonight as far as corporate goes, but its truly been a very quick settling in for me here. Maybe just the fact that I have the freedom again to be able to minister in day to day life has really set me on fire again for what I love to do so much. Excited to tell everyone some testimonies in the near future when they come!! Had a great opportunity to prophecy over a lady at McDonalds the other day, who was nearly shedding a tear, and turned out the be an atheist. Not that I was happy for her to be an atheist, but definitely stoked to be used to share Jesus with the lost again !!!
We have Glory and Grace (an international conference hosted by CCI) in 2 weeks and then a trip into China with quite a big team - so lots happening this month also.
Other than that been enjoying hooking up with some the guys here and being stirred for great things by many like-minded men and woman.
All in all its just been way massive so far and were excited to see what Hong Kong holds for us into the future. Our plan and desire is most definitely to stay indefinitely, but that depends on us getting the visa. So you can declare heavenly favour for us in that visa area as we believe we need to here.
Otherwise its all just too huge to even write about, im not sure how I would be able to articulate everything accurately. Just loving a free church, and real people who are very passionate about Jesus and advancing His kingdom !!
Big love and will keep you updated.

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