Tuesday, April 19, 2011

God is not one dimensional, but we should be

Hopefully you are still reading after seeing the title, but let me explain. I have often asked God how it works that so many different people are hearing Him on specific things so differently. Many a preacher will proclaim so emphatically from the pulpit week in and week out how God has told him something, as with thousands of other preachers around the world. The context I have been pondering is church and what that really looks like, but you can apply that to pretty much anything in life really. There are those who are convinced on mega church, others who have heard God speak to them about house church, and some have obeyed God and left church altogether. Everyone writes a book and confidently lays out their personal reason why they are right and everyone else has missed it. They say it so assuredly because God has spoken, and let us be honest, that is quite a powerful stamp of approval. The problem I have, is to decide who the heck is actually hearing God and who to trust? I venture an alternative solution to wondering who is actually right, and that is, that maybe everyone is!

Let me just state that if someone is clearly preaching law and the church is dominated by hierarchy, man-made tradition, control and basically lacks His presence, I will not be staying long at all. There are however many movements and churches who have an awesome presence of God and wonderful fruits and so therefore seem to have all of heavens unlimited resources being poured out on them in increasing measures, which brings me back to think, that surely they must all be doing something right. The big church guys judge the house church guys, the house church judge the more institutional church and every other shape and form in between. Maybe, just maybe, everyone is actually right.

What has happened in the last few years with me and many others around the world is that we do simply not just believe everything we get told as the only way to do things. There is a healthy part of us that questions things or at very least wants to make sure if there is not maybe a better way, in order to be more effective. What I have done wrong though is then to assume that because I do not feel very comfortable with something, that it must be wrong.

Which leads me to my current, and ever growing in clarity, conclusion (because no one has all the answers) If we all just stop trying to do what we think is the right thing to do, because someone told us, what God told them, maybe the church will only then be at her most effective, radiant, glamorous and effective. If you want to start a house church and that’s what gets you excited, do it. If you desire to grow a church of thousands in a building with lights and all the added extras, do it. If you want to meet with friends in Star Bucks once a week, then do it. Many people declare very confidently that scripture is clear on what the church should look like, but I find that very presumptuous. The scriptures are very clear on a few basic things regarding church: they definitely met together often; they were passionate about Jesus and His kingdom advancing. Other than that, it is really quite a grey area as to what exactly that looks like. Many take a scripture, apply it to their experience, conviction and preference, and then out comes a result that they tell everyone to follow. Someone else will take that same scripture and give you a different conclusion.

I could go on for long here, but want to end by explaining the title a bit. Many of us fall for the trap to simply get on board with something even if we do not really want to. We feel pressure because if we do not, we will get labeled as those who do not want to pay the price or are selfish etc. I think we need to be way more one dimensional in our approach and simply do what brings us joy. God will never be fully revealed to all the different nations and cultures by one approach to church. All people will not be reached if everyone thinks it only happens on a Sunday. The individual believer must stay focused and hotly pursue what burns inside of him, and in that way, a multi colorful expression of God will so impact the schools, streets, churches, market places and distant villages of this earth that Jesus will simply have to return soon. If we are more intentional, and one dimensional, in doing the joyful, good works that He has prepared for us individually, we will all together, reflect the full width, length, height and depth of God’s extravagant love.

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  1. Well said!!!!! I have been thinking about this lately too. Glad to hear I'm not the only one. I am gathering my thoughts too and am about to write something about it. :)