Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Slowly but surely...

Sitting here at Star Bucks where I can get wireless internet and a good cup of coffee. It has been quite an intense last week or so here in our new home in Foshan. Contract finalising, finally finding an apartment and moving in, started some teaching and just the usual stuff you feel I guess, going through some transition (again).

But looking back now on the blur of the last little while, it really has been great and were super stoked.

The current deal is as follows: Janna will be working full time this month and I will be more flexible (stay at home and Star Bucks husband). Well even "full time" is bit deceptive since Jan (and I will be from next month) teaches 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon, with about 2 1/2 hours break in the middle. I know most of you will be thinking thats not even real work, but you have the right to comment IF you have taught kindergarten before !! Between 4-6, 20-30 minute classes in a row with 20-30 students (2-6 years) old IS NO GAME. At the same time however, we are having heaps of fun and are fully enjoying it.

Our employers have been organising me part time work at pretty much the same rate as our full time salary comes to which is great. I had 2 days so far and have another afternoon tomorrow. Chinese are classic since they just want westerners to be at their events so they look good. For example, I taught for 2 days at this one school and tomorow afternoon I am going to their 2 hour graduation show and have to "perform something" for 3 minutes. I did think about dancing, but had to consider wanting to get some future job offers as well so I'm settling for a speech on "the importance of English for young learners in China". Sounds huge but I probably wont even really prepare since maybe 2 people there will "sort of"understand me anyways.

Other than that I started with a one hour per day private lessons with 3 students, two of which are 12 and the other one 13. Its very easy and pretty much consists of me having a daily topic (going to the supermarket, watching TV, restaurant etc etc) and just chatting and practising with them. I have discovered that as long as you ensure people like you, your teaching skills becomes less important. So I just speak some chinese to the parents and make them laugh and Im an instant hit before I even had my first class. In China, good social skills gives you immediate access to important people so its a worthy focus point. I say this all humbly of coarse, understanding everything I am and ever will be is firmly rooted in my identity in Jesus. He did however create us to be in relationship with others so I am convinced I should excel socially just as much as in anything else.

Our apartment is also very kif. It was a bit of a thing negotiating and re-negotiating things with our employer and the agent, but the final result is a favourable one. One bedroom, one living room, kitchen and shower/toilet in the bedroom. We have avoided the shower-in-toilet combo that prevails in China up until now, but its not all that bad. Just means your toilet floor is wet (with water of coarse) more than you would probably like it to be. Were on the 9th floor in a great location and have a lift as well (which is not that common in China - even for 8 floor apartments). Our view is only of the city but at least now we have one - haha.

Spiritual "side note" (realise how much I love my inverted commas). - we were created to be completely passionate and on fire for God. Anyone who excludes them from the passionate one's because they think its just not their personality or not their "calling" - is unfortunately under the influence of a lie. We were ALL created and destined for daily and ongoing levels of deeper and deeper intimacy with our heavenly father. The result of that intimacy will be a flow of passion that cannot be quenched. The cross of Jesus has given us access into the original design of human beings - God intimacy.... The garden... (read Genesis if your not sure how that was). Walking and talking with God in a very real and very intimate way thats not just limited to the inner voice of God. I am starting to believe our relationship with God should primarily be a very tangeable and sensual (including the senses) relationship. Also including of coarse, the inner voice and guiding of His Spirit.

Which marriage would you prefer: one that communicates only via e-mail and text message, with some flowers and gifts sent to your home and a weekly phone call to catch up. OR a daily intimate touch, laugh, sense, feel, adventurous marriage that also includes the above.

To only have the first type of marriage-relationship with God is called religion and is sub-standard, dull, boring and not reflecting the true God to the worlsd. The latter is what Jesus really died for and reflects God in a way that will attract the world to Jesus in us, and not drive them away.

Big love,


  1. Thanks for the marriage counseling big guy! What a living legend! Am excited for you guys. Had a brief lunch with Candice on Saturday - exciting times! ( may love your inverted commas but i'm big into exclamations!!) Anyway, Lana and Dave have visited our church 2 Sunday's in a row and it's been awesome to get to them better. Last time i connected with her was when we were single and clueless in Grant Hansen's homie! Anyway, she is stoked and i know she must be a an absolute legend if she's a sibling of yours! Well, that's it for now but go huge as always. Big love to you both, Heidzzz P.S. Maybe i should rather send you an e-mail if my "comments" are going to be this long? Is your address still the same?